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Top 5 Creative Writing Prompts

Feeling stuck? You've got this!

As a writer, you always have the tools you need to get going again:  pen and paper. 

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Sometimes writing about your writing helps you find the

perspective you need to get going again.

Use these prompts to explore an idea, figure out what might come next when you're feeling blocked, and even discover new essay and story topics. The best part: you'll feel good about writing again. Instead of focusing on frustration or disappointment, put your pen to the page and feel the satisfaction that comes from showing up.

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Top 5 Prompts to Get Writing Again

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Alissa Johnson is a nationally published and award winning writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and Dirt Rag Magazine among other publications. She is an associate editor at the Crested Butte News and is a regular contributor to Wilderness News. Her writing has won awards from FundsforWriters and the Colorado Press Association, and she holds an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). She has taught at WCSU, Western State Colorado University, and the annual writing conference, Writing the Rockies.